Want a new wardrobe for free?


Want to get a new wardrobe for free?

 Goodfayre launched a new in store initiative last month. Dana Burton, owner of Goodfayre, said: “I have long been a fan of the idea of clothes swapping but have never really had the chance to do it before. So starting my own event seemed like a really great idea.”

IMG_2146She opened her first ethical retail shop in September last year in Salisbury and has been on a mission ever since to offer products that help not harm the environment, people or animals. She is also keen to find ways to get the local community involved and to encourage them to shop more ethically. Clothes swap is just one of those ways.

IMG_2151At first, swapping clothes seems like a great idea from a purely personal perspective; you get to refresh your wardrobe for free. But when Dana looked into it, the benefits began to pour in, not just on a personal level but to the community and planet too.IMG_2148

As a society we’ve come to expect cheap clothes, at any cost to the planet, and there have been numerous reports of the larger clothing manufacturers treating factory workers badly and in appalling conditions. As the demand for cheap clothing increases, the good treatment of workers decreases.

IMG_2149Even Dana admits that she has been guilty of wanting to buy cheap clothes: “Knowing they may not last, not just physically, but with fluctuating dress sizes, pre and post pregnancy and my own tastes changing.” But if we were all in a position to be able to swap rather than buy, this may encourage people to spend more on their clothes in the first place and source clothing from ethical manufacturers: the new ethical way to get a new wardrobe, and for free!

IMG_2147On top of this each month at the clothes swap Goodfayre offers people the opportunity to come along and simply buy clothes, as they normally end up with a surplus. Nothing to swap but can’t afford a new wardrobe right now or just want a bargain at £1 per item? The money gets donated to a local nominated charity each month.

Dana says: “It’s important for us to support local charities and this is a great fundraising event for them. We donate all the money from sales and any excess items, if the charity can take them, or we’ll save the items for the next month’s swap.”

IMG_2150The clothes swap events are from 12pm to 3pm on the last Sunday of every month at Goodfayre, Cross keys arcade, Queen Street, Salisbury, SP1 1EL.  They’re free to attend and, as well as clothes and shoes, you can swap household items such accessories and toys.

Full details can be found here

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