trader bookings terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions
Goodfayre local traders

Shop is open from 9am – 5.30pm (Monday – Saturday) and 10.30-4pm (Sunday)

Setting up must occur before the shop opens on the first day of trading and clearing up must happen when the store is closed on on the last day of trading. Access to the shop is from 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after closing.

Traders who sell foodstuffs must comply with the requirements of the current Food Hygiene Regulations and Food Safety Act.

All Traders are required to display their name and any business name on their stall.

There are no parking facilities, there is a loading bay which can be used for loading and unloading only.

Acceptance and non acceptance of applications will be at the sole discretion of
Goodfayre LTD and will be based on the information given by the applicant on their application; All products must comply with our mission to be ethical.

Goodfayre LTD reserves the right to reject applications and not enter into any correspondence or otherwise explain the reasons for its decisions. All decisions made by Goodfayre LTD are final.

Traders cannot transfer, sublet, franchise or sell to any other person, nor can they be shared without written approval.

Fees & Insurance
Fees are as follows

One day Sunday-Friday – £15
Saturday one day hire – £30

Weekend hire (3 days) Friday – Sunday – £50

Week hire (7 consecutive days) – £75

Monthly hire (30 consecutive days) – £150

Hire fees must be paid on the first day of trading.
Products should have product liability insurance where applicable.

If you wish us to sell your products through our till and card system we will apply an additional 5% charge on sales for set up and processing fees.

If you wish to use this service we will need a excel document of each of your products, the retail price and bar codes (if applicable.)

Once booking is made attendance is required. If the hirer does not turn up and no notification is given then the booking will be subject to pay the hire fees in full.

A £10 admin fee/cancellation fee will be charged if a booking is confirmed and then cancelled. There is no fee if one months notice is given and any monies paid will be refunded.

A full refund will only be paid or credited providing that more than one months notice was given.

NO refunds are given for cancellations that occur on the days of hire.

It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure they conform to any safety and compliance standards pertaining to their product.

The hirer may only offer for sale approved products which have been accepted by Goodfayre on the application form.

Food stalls selling food products must send us a copy of their valid Food Hygiene Certificate.

Stall Setup and Equipment

A table will be provided, the hirer is responsible for setting up the table, which must be good in presentation.

All equipment including racks, signage etc must be contained to the table.

Public access ways must be clear at all times.

All equipment must in good repair and be operated in a safe manner.

The location of the table will be determined by Goodfayre, whose decision is final. Every endeavour will be made to meet the general wishes of the hirer with regard to position.

Please not that Goodfayre is a Plastic Bag Free Zone, please try to help us by using paper bags.

Goodfayre will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to products left on the stall.

Waste and Rubbish Removal

Goodfayre is committed to producing minimal waste and send 0% waste to landfill hirers are required to remove their own rubbish and waste.

Hirers are responsible for leaving their table and surrounding area clean, tidy and undamaged.

Hirers must respond cooperatively to any direction given by Goodfayre staff in relation to the operation and occupation of their table, equipment, goods during operating times and any direction of a security or safety nature.

Hirers must not act in a verbally or physically abusive, dangerous, or disruptive manner and if so it will not be tolerated and will result in immediate termination.

Hirers must ensure that their activities do not endanger the safety or security of any people at the shop.

Hirers must not cause damage, make alterations or additions of any nature to, or carry out works of any nature to shop site property and that, if any damage is caused, the costs of any repairs, making good or replacement are borne by the hirer.

Hirers must comply with all the terms contained in these regulations and must comply with any changes to the regulations, or any relevant local government and other statutory laws & regulations

Hirers must report to Goodfayre any incident or accident to any person or property that involves loss or could be expected to give rise to a claim.

The Hirer is the owner or licensee of the approved products with full power and capacity to sell absolute legal and beneficial ownership of the approved products to a third party without any encumbrance.

The Hirer is responsible for obtaining all relevant permits and permits required to operate the stallholder‟s business and all merchandise sold complies with all relevant safety and compliance standards and retails laws currently in force;

The hirer does not bring into the market any hazardous materials of substances;

Without limiting the generality of these terms, the stallholder acknowledges and agrees Goodfayre is not liable for any claim or loss suffered or incurred by the stallholder in relation to or in connection with:

Theft or damage of approved products, equipment or goods under the control of the hirer or any other property of the hirer at any time including times when the shop is not trading.

Any failure by the hirer to sell the approved products;

Any journey from or to the shop;

Damage or injury to any property or person.

These limitation provisions are intended to replace any other terms, conditions, warranties and
representations implied by statue or otherwise and, accordingly, all such terms are excluded unless the following applies.

The hirer acknowledges and agrees that Goodfayre makes no warranty or representation in relation to or in connection with the hirers occupation or use of the market.
Without limiting the generality of this clause, the hirer acknowledges and agrees that Goodfayre has made no warranty or representation in relation to or in connection with:

The prospects of the hirer for selling the approved products at the market;

The hirers access to people visiting the shop or the access those people have to the hirer;

The existence, number or quality of products that will compete with the approved products for the attention of prospective buyers;

The existence or extent of services and/or facilities of any kind at the shop;

The position within the shop that the hirer will occupy;

The suitability of the shop for any particular purpose or the existence of any latent or patent defect at the market;

The extent, if any, to which other visitors to the shop might interfere with the hirers use of the shop;

The existence or extent of any advertising or promotional activity or material that may or may not be published or undertaken by the shop;

The existence or extent of any security measures undertaken to protect the hirer, the approved products and/or the shop against terrorist or other criminal activity; or

The existence or extent of any security at the shop;

Goodfayres consent to the hirer to attend the shop does not convey to the hirer any ongoing rights in relation to the shop into the future and such approval can be terminated by Goodfayre at any time in writing and without any period of notice.

Goodfayre reserves the right to undertake any of the following actions without notice:

Relocate the hirer to another table space within the shop.

Require the hirer to remove from sale any goods or services offered by the hirer which are not approved products; or Request that the hirer undertake any reasonable measure which in the opinion of Goodfayre will improve the safety of the area or to raise the level presentation of the stall and its products.

The Committee reserves the right to withhold consent to the hirer to occupy a
stall at the shop, to remove or to have removed from the shop, a hirer who is in breach or does not comply with the regulations, including where a hirer:

Fails to pay their hire fee in a timely manner;

Fails to abide by the shops set up or pack up conditions;

Fails to abide by the shops trading hours;

Fails to abide by the terms and conditions of the shops rules and regulations;

Commits a criminal act at the shop; or Behaves in a manner that breaches the shops Code of Conduct.

All traders, their contractors and employees (Traders) are subject to the rules and regulations of Goodfayre and by attending the shop are agreeing to be bound by these rules and regulations.