Browsers welcome here.


There has recently been a story in the news about a shop charging a 50p entrance fee to enter to browse. While this publicity is great for this mans business I can’t help but think his business practices are not.

I often get people coming into my shop asking, “Can I just look around?” This has always confused me but now maybe I know why they ask.

“Of course you can just look around” I reply, this is a shop while I’d prefer you would buy something as ultimately if everyone browsed and no one brought I would no longer have this shop for you to browse in, but I want you to browse and I want you to see what we do and why we do it.

So come into my shop, smell my candles, explore the products, and try our samples because that’s the way we do business.

Shopping is not just about the buying it’s about the experience and if we small independent shops are to compete with online businesses, it’s the experience that will win back customers from clicking on their computer screens.

Sure come on in, look around, pull up a chair and have a chat if you want, shelter from the rain, drip your wet umbrellas on my floor. Ask any questions, look at my products and hopefully you’ll find something to buy but if not just remember us for next time, but know this Browsers are very welcome in my store.

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