Goodfayre clothes swap

Relax, mingle and SWAP clothes, shoes and accessories you no longer need or wear

Do good and be green by swapping clothes

How it works

When you arrive at the event you will be given a token for each item you bring.
You can buy additional tokens for £1 each (all proceeds are donated to a nominated charity)
You are then free to browse and choose what ever items you’d like.
Simply take your items to the till and cash in each item for one token.
If you don’t use all your tokens they can be brought to all future swaps

Any left over items will be donated to charity

Drinks and refreshments will be served

What can you bring

Any clothes, shoes or accessories you no longer want -Please do not bring ripped, dirty, stained items or those with broken zip, etc. All items must be freshly laundered
Children’s toys
household items

What you can’t bring

Food items
Electrical items
Broken toys

Clothing swap dates 2017

Last Sunday of every month 12pm-2pm

29th January
26th Feb
26th mar
30th April
28th May
25th June
30th July
27th Aug
24th September
29th October
26th Nov

Goodfayre, Cross keys arcade, Queen Street, Salisbury, SP1 1EL