Ethical Challenge Diary


2017 Is the year I have chosen to go Vegan, a number of factors have lead me to this choice , Since opening the shop and sourcing products, it’s become even more apparent that going Vegan is a more ethical lifestyle. I’ve also been chatting to lots of Vegans and discovering lots of Vegan products I didn’t know existed! I’ve been a Vegetarian for 4 years so jumping to Vegan is not too big a sacrifice.

For the ethical challenge I’ve set myself 12 goals to help me on my vegan journey. Month one was to stop drinking Milk as a drink, I thought I’d start off fairly easily and change my buying habits to buy non dairy milk. I don’t drink much milk anyway and only really have it on my cereal, so this should be quite easy!

I’ve experimented in Milks before and didn’t really like Soya Milk, I always preferred almond and rice, but found them a little too sweet.  I discovered Hemp milk through a friend and never looked back! I started with the original which again I found a little too sweet but thought the consistency was very similar to that of skimmed milk, the milk I used to enjoy. When sourcing the Hemp Milk for my shop I then found they also did an unsweetened version. This was perfect, as it took out the sweetness I wasn’t so keen on that was found in many of the non dairy milks and left me with a delicious milk!

So in conclusion, don’t give up until you’ve tried them all, there are lots of non dairy milks for you to try, there is bound to be one that you love

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