Supporting Salisbury’s Bee Trail

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We were thrilled to hear about this excellent project for Salisbury, and wanted to get involved straight away.

The Bee trail aligns with our social mission to help not harm the planet, I love the idea of learning and education, bringing communities together and getting out into the great outdoors.

We sell lots of Bee themed and related products, including our Bee hives for solitary bees, seeds to grow your own Bee Garden, our very popular Bee’s wrap a product to wrap your food in. Plus a range of local and ethically sourced Honey.

We’re very excited by the Bee Trail and proud to be a part of it, hopefully we can all get excited about it and support it when it comes to Salisbury in the Summer.

What is the Bee Trail ?

The Secret Garden Salisbury ‘3D bee trail’ is the first of its kind and part of our city wide project ‘Bee City’. Think of the ‘Barons Trail’ but with added layers of technology to bring in a whole new generation of users and interaction. From city visitors to schools this permanent trail will not only educate but innovate and inspire.

The trail will be a series of 3D stop points around city green spaces, installed upon ‘sign posts’ and a map will show you where the trail points are. The accompanying App will help you ‘collect’ the individual bees while you learn about them, making it fun to find out more. The 3D bee images will appear ‘live’ as you point your smart phone to the trail point.

The role of pollinators is now high on the public, political and academic agendas and, as such, this project is extremely timely and fits neatly into the framework of DEFRA’s recently announced National Pollinator Strategy.

Why are bees in danger?

The cause or causes of the losses are not yet fully understood but it’s believed that a number of factors have contributed. The four most significant are:

  • Environmental changes such as the extensive use of pesticides, specifically insecticides, in farming.
  • The loss of the flower-rich habitat on which bees depend for food. Disease and Changing climate.
  • Recent wet summers have prevented bees from doing what they do best, searching out pollen.
  • There’s also been a massive decline in the number of bee hives in the UK – nearly 75 per cent in the past century.

Bee health is at risk and, frankly, if nothing is done about it, the fact is the honey bee population could be wiped out in 10 years.

FACT:  The British bee population has declined by a third since 2007.

The great news is we love bees at Goodfayre and alongside our many Bee friendly products, we’re introducing new Bee hotels, Always a friend to the gardener, attracting solitary bees to the garden is not only safe, but beneficial to pollination of flowers, fruit and vegetables.

Add this to our plant your own Bee garden bulbs and you’ll be helping those bees in your own garden.

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