Helping Salisbury Wake Up To Organic, one free breakfast at a time

Wake up and celebrate organic food with ‘Wake Up To Organic’ on Wednesday 14 June 2017.

Goodfayre is proud to announce that it will be serving up free organic breakfasts to showcase the range of delicious organic food and drink they have to offer, demonstrating just how simple it can be to make the switch to organic.

The campaign has been set up by the Organic Trade Board to raise awareness of the benefits and versatility of organic produce.

The UK’s appetite for organic food is growing, as people become more aware of the benefits to the environment and of knowing what’s in their food. ‘Wake Up To Organic’ hopes to encourage more people to try organic, and breakfast is a great place to start!

Recent studies indicate that the UK is increasingly interested in choosing organic – sales of organic products increased by 7.1% last yearii and organic sales via independent stores grew by 6.3%. Sales of popular breakfast foods such as organic dairy grew by 3.2%.

Breakfast is an easy and affordable way to give organic a try – products available at your local independent store range from Porridge and oats, non dairy alternative milks and a selection of fill your own in our new wholefoods dispensers enabling you to buy the quantities you want without packaging.

On Wednesday 14 June, the store will be preparing an organic breakfast for each and every person who visits the store between 8am and 11am.

Dana Burton store owner said “We are so pleased to be able to share our passion for organic with our local community and encourage all of you to come and visit between 8am and 11am on 14 June to sample some of our wonderful organic breakfast products! We know you won’t be disappointed!”

Along with our free breakfast we’ll be giving away a free goodie bag filled with organic product samples for anyone who spends £10 or more on organic products in the store during our event

Event details:

Wake up to organic breakfast 14th June 2017
Goodfayre, Cross Keys arcade, Queen Street, SP1 1EL

Want a new wardrobe for free?

Want to get a new wardrobe for free?

 Goodfayre launched a new in store initiative last month. Dana Burton, owner of Goodfayre, said: “I have long been a fan of the idea of clothes swapping but have never really had the chance to do it before. So starting my own event seemed like a really great idea.”

IMG_2146She opened her first ethical retail shop in September last year in Salisbury and has been on a mission ever since to offer products that help not harm the environment, people or animals. She is also keen to find ways to get the local community involved and to encourage them to shop more ethically. Clothes swap is just one of those ways.

IMG_2151At first, swapping clothes seems like a great idea from a purely personal perspective; you get to refresh your wardrobe for free. But when Dana looked into it, the benefits began to pour in, not just on a personal level but to the community and planet too.IMG_2148

As a society we’ve come to expect cheap clothes, at any cost to the planet, and there have been numerous reports of the larger clothing manufacturers treating factory workers badly and in appalling conditions. As the demand for cheap clothing increases, the good treatment of workers decreases.

IMG_2149Even Dana admits that she has been guilty of wanting to buy cheap clothes: “Knowing they may not last, not just physically, but with fluctuating dress sizes, pre and post pregnancy and my own tastes changing.” But if we were all in a position to be able to swap rather than buy, this may encourage people to spend more on their clothes in the first place and source clothing from ethical manufacturers: the new ethical way to get a new wardrobe, and for free!

IMG_2147On top of this each month at the clothes swap Goodfayre offers people the opportunity to come along and simply buy clothes, as they normally end up with a surplus. Nothing to swap but can’t afford a new wardrobe right now or just want a bargain at £1 per item? The money gets donated to a local nominated charity each month.

Dana says: “It’s important for us to support local charities and this is a great fundraising event for them. We donate all the money from sales and any excess items, if the charity can take them, or we’ll save the items for the next month’s swap.”

IMG_2150The clothes swap events are from 12pm to 3pm on the last Sunday of every month at Goodfayre, Cross keys arcade, Queen Street, Salisbury, SP1 1EL.  They’re free to attend and, as well as clothes and shoes, you can swap household items such accessories and toys.

Full details can be found here

Goodfayre opens in Salisbury

Dana BurtonGoodfayre is now open in the Cross Keys Shopping Centre, Salisbury.

The shop, which has been founded as a social enterprise to enable people to source products that have been traded fairly and sourced ethically, had its official launch party earlier this month.

Goodfayre sells a range of ethical alternatives based on our mission to only sell products that do not harm the environment, the planet, animals or people.IMG_1658

We sell a range of everyday products for your home, including food, drink, wellbeing, household and beauty, and also a luxury and specialty range suitable for gifts or treating yourself. Everything in the shop is suitable for vegetarians and we also have lots of vegan alternatives.

I’m keen to get the community involved in the shop and have their say on what they’d like to see in it. The shop has been really popular since we opened and people have been getting really engaged with our messages. We’ve already had lots of requests for ethical makeup and household goods and we’ll be adding to our ranges frequently.

IMG_1696We work closely with our suppliers so we can source local and ethical alternatives. If you need any ethical alternatives that you can’t find anywhere else, ask us and we’ll do our best to find them.

I founded the shop from a personal desire to easily be able to buy ethical goods. I would search the supermarket shelves, inspecting labels, but could not find where products had come from or where they got their ingredients from.

IMG_1609When sourcing our products we look for the most ethical products we can find, and ask the right questions in order to check they meet our ethical mission.

Becky Dowst from Talk eat laughAt the launch event we served ethically sourced vegan canapes from local firm Talk Eat Laugh and a birch sap drink tapped straight from the tree, which is now on sale in the shop.

Dana ButonEach product has a story and if you’re interested you can come in and read them. It’s not just a shop. It’s a place you can come and learn about ethical products. We’ll be running events to make-your-own, meet the maker and learn how to live more ethically. We will also have daily tastings so you can try before you buy.

Pop up shop

I decided the best way to try out my idea and get some real market research data would be to open a trial pop up shop. Actually this was the best thing I’ve done.

I can highly recommend opening up a pop up shop in your chosen location, the date you will get will be invaluable and you’ll also get a feel for if your shop can be successful.

With relatively little time between decided to do it and opening and two personal holidays in between meant I only had around three weeks to prep for the pop up shop – Ideally I would have preferred a bit more time, but sometimes enforcing a deadline upon ourselves is actually a good thing.

Sometimes I find we can just sit around and plan, plan and keep planing and over plan and then plan some more, when actually the best experience you’ll get is from doing, not thinking about it actually doing.

It was amazing the amount of things I had to think of I mean opening a pop up is actually opening up a shop just for a short period. So I had to get everything in order.

First things first I needed somewhere to hold my pop up, At first I thought just a market stall would be good, however I found I needed just as many regulations to have a market stall as I would to have a shop.

I tried asking various venues I thought would allow me to have a pop up and did not get much luck, none of the traditional pop up shop websites covered my area – so next I approached the local shopping centres, one of them said yes and it was only a matter of time before the lease was signed and it was all very real.

We chose Cross Keys shopping centre and the unit was better than I could have hoped for it already had nice looking units and things were getting very exciting.

The next few weeks were a blur, working until 3am in the morning just getting things ready, everything from insurance, licensing, signage, labels, bags, regulations, and of course stock.

picking out the items that I thought would do the best in the two week period and trying to give people a flavour of what the shop what be like.

working out prices, getting a till system in place, making sure I had wifi to use the credit card machine.

IT seemed like a never ending task list.

And then the set up day arrived, I had asked my suppliers to send in the orders to arrive on the set up day, and miraculously most of them did, we did have a few issues with a few suppliers but steadily over the day more and more stock began to arrive.

IT seemed like we would never get it all done in one day but around 7pm we were all set and ready to go.

We had the shop for two weeks but were only actually open for 7 days over two weekends, during this time I was amazed at the response we got from locals, and on social media.

It was a really worthwhile exercise and proved that this was something we could make viable. so afterwards we went back to the drawing board to find our location for the main shop.